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The Beatles (Arctic Monkeys cover)

—Come Together


Come Together // The Beatles (Arctic Monkeys Cover) 

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Celebrity Interviews - Fall-Winter 2014/15 Haute Couture CHANEL Show (x)

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"She [Kristen] is a wonderful actress. She is one of my muses"

“There’s something almost unapproachable and f—ing chic… And then you meet him and he’s actually an incredibly creative and voracious liver. He’s an impressive guy. He definitely is so much more than the glasses and the hair than you might think he is.”

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Kristen Stewart, Anne Hathaway and Brie Larson star in Jenny Lewis “Just One Of The Guys” Video (x)

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Jenny Lewis

—Just One of the Guys

just one of the guys - jenny lewis // NEW SINGLE

I’m not gonna break for you
I’m not gonna pray for you
I’m not gonna pay for you
That’s not what ladies do

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